Sportzone Limburg

Sportzone Limburg draws together sport, education, business, health care and local government to create an innovative environment for developing new talent and for sport, exercise and health. This combination of expertise aims at bringing about improved levels of (elite) performance, optimum development of talent and new know-how.


This outstanding range of (sports) facilities is the result of a successful collaboration between sporting, educational, health-care, private and public sector bodies.

Sport for all

Sportzone Limburg provides sporting opportunities for everyone, from activities used for recreational purposes to those aimed at developing new top-notch talent. De Haamen in Beek provides sporting opportunities for disabled persons. Sportzone Limburg focuses on sports which are firmly rooted in the region, such as cycling, handball, athletics, triathlon and football.

Sportzone: virtual tour

Check out Sportzone Sittard’s virtual tour with all possible locations, current location in VR - map - tour version.

Tom Dumoulin Bike Park

All cycling fanatics, whether competitive or recreational, can take advantage of the most innovative and largest cycling amenity in the Netherlands: the Tom Dumoulin Bike Park.

The Tom Dumoulin Bike Park offers a range of challenging circuits in a unique and first-class sports setting. This 6-hectare park includes a 3.15 kilometre circuit, consisting of various road surfaces, height differences and challenging curves. Gradients vary from gentle, with slopes of 1 to 2.5%, to hors catégorie climbs of up to 22.5%.

There are fifty different possibilities for circuits at the Tom Dumoulin Bike Park. Six different courses can be used at any one time. Are you up to the challenge?