Discover Sittard-Geleen’s surroundings

7,000 years of history

Did you know Sittard-Geleen is one of the oldest inhabited regions in the Netherlands? Excavations have uncovered artefacts used by prehistoric farmers of the Linear Pottery culture, around 5250 BC. Since that time, many more events of significance have taken place, about which innumerable epic tales can be told.


After periods of Spanish, Austrian, French, Belgian and German occupation, Sittard-Geleen only became officially Dutch in 1867. Once, the town had the most modern coalmine in Europe, witnessed the last witch trials in the Netherlands and became world news after the escape of Asor the Lion!

Meet Asor the Lion

Meet Asor the Lion and learn about his remarkable visit to the church of St Michael in 1938. Would you like to find out more about Sittard-Geleen’s life stories? If so, visit Sittard-Geleen’s Visit Zuid-Limburg Experience (Rosmolenstraat 2, Sittard) and follow the historical time line.

Cultural heritage

Discover Sittard-Geleen’s treasures Those who enjoy cultural heritage will be in for a big surprise in Sittard-Geleen. This includes impressive castles, churches, mills and monasteries, each with an illustrious past. All these outstanding monuments have their own fascinating story to tell.​

Sittard’s historic old town

The charming old town centre with its historic buildings welcomes visitors with open arms. On sunny days, with its outdoor cafes, there is nothing to beat Sittard’s enchanting market square. In many bars and restaurants you can enjoy its epicurean delights the whole year round. The winding streets and alleyways are a constant source of wonder with their array of speciality shops and boutiques. No wonder that Sittard has a reputation for the good life.

Yet more surprises in the surroundings:

Route of Curiosities

The Grensmaasvallei is home to countless buildings and locations with a colourful past. So what happens when the doors are shut? Do you just keep on cycling? Not with the Route of Curiosities! There are more than 30 locations along the route where it’s possible to take a 360° audiovisual tour and experience these curiosities from your own smartphone.

Monasteries and convents with a colourful past

The town’s turbulent religious past is reflected in its many monasteries and convents. Experience living reminders of its ecclesiastical past and present, which are deeply entwined with the region’s identity.

There’s so much to discover in Sittard-Geleen