Sittard’s meeting point

Situated on the edge of Sittard’s old centre, Ligne is the number one meeting place in town. Ligne houses a library, cinema, museum, college, sheltered dwellings, apartments, shops and hospitality facilities. The complex also accommodates an underground car park and bike storage facility. As well as hosting numerous events, the courtyard separating the buildings is the perfect place to meet with friends. This diverse mix of activities gives Ligne a uniquely distinctive character and, above all, great vibrancy.

Het Nieuwe Domein and contemporary art

Amongst other things, Het Nieuwe Domein is a museum for contemporary art, where curiosity, unconventionality and creativity are centre stage. The museum is intrigued about developments in contemporary art and the way in which artists continue to re-interpret today’s world, each in their own inimitable style.

Filmhuis De Domijnen

Open from Wednesdays to Sundays, Filmhuis De Domijnen is an arthouse cinema which puts on a varied programme of mainstream and alternative films the Filmhuis is in Ligne, on the fringes of Sittard’s town centre. Want to know what’s on?

Bibliotheek Ligne (library)

Bibliotheek Ligne is the central site for all De Domijnen libraries in the region. Feel free to drop in to Bibliotheek De Domeinen Ligne during opening times (listed below).